Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Risk Management

Risk applies to any management decision that could have a negative result. Even with a negative result, the outcome could have been mitigated with good risk management. You need to evaluate – as much as possible -- all the possible results of any decision and determine how risk can be reduced. This week’s articles can help with these efforts.

Simply having the tools and structure may not be enough to insulate your nonprofit from the cold breezes and after-shocks of unmanaged risks. (Item #1) Obtaining an independent review of your volunteer policies before you implement them is an excellent risk management strategy. (Item #2) Managing special event risks requires equal measures of awareness, planning, diligence and team work. (Item #3)

A good Risk Management System will help you reap the rewards of your efforts to set up and run your business. (Item #4) To change the way we think about risk, we must avoid making six mistakes. (Item #5) Data breaches-the theft, loss or unintended exposure of personally identifiable information-have compromised hundreds of millions of personal records in recent years. (Item #6)

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