Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Business Continuity Plan - Testing and Training

In spite of the fact that a plan untested is a plan that might not work, there are many organizations that fail to update and test their plans regularly – or at all. As one of this week's articles says, testing is a reality check for your plan; if you're betting your business and employees lives on it, it had better work. The articles presented this week may give you some new insights into the importance of testing and training.

Testing is the best way to find out what works and what doesn't. (Item #1) Just because you've checked the box that says "BC plan," don't assume you're prepared. (Item #2)  Here are all the reasons you've probably used for not testing... and also some ideas on how you can get your organization to dedicate resources to testing. (Item #3)

Scheduled (and sometimes unscheduled) rehearsals, workshops and training events should be woven into the fabric of normal business culture. (Item #4) If you don't do the reality check, you might as well not even have done the plan. (Item #5) No matter how small, your business should have a business continuity plan. (Item #6)

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