Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shelter in Place

There are any number of circumstances that may require you to shelter in place (SIP) at work, at home or at school. Chemical spills are typical situations requiring sheltering in place, but weather and other dangers also may require you to stay indoors. If you don’t cover shelter in place in your disaster response or business continuity plan, it’s time to include it. The articles below can make preparation easier for you.

Can you handle an SIP situation that will keep employees safe? (Item #1) This Red Cross guide to SIP is especially informative. (Item #2) SIP is more than just staying inside… it has to keep everyone safe. (Item #3)

This article addresses some specifics for sheltering in place for small businesses. (Item #4) Building managers have many considerations in an SIP situation; this Q&A can answer many of your questions. (Item #5) This site is just one example of where you can obtain supplies and kits you will need if you have to shelter in place. (Item #6)

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