Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Online Reputation Management

Most organizations understand the importance reputation has on their bottom line and do their utmost – through marketing, member/customer relations, and other methods – to protect the value of that reputation. But what about their online reputation? This is a critical component of reputation that often is not given the same amount of attention as off-line reputation. This week’s articles can help you put the focus online to ensure your reputation is protected there as well.

When prospective customers, clients or employees search for you online, what do they see? (Item #1) Favorable search engine results are no accident. (Item #2) Online brand reputation management is complex business. (Item #3)

Here are some good tips for ways smaller organizations can manage their online reputations. (Item #4) It's important to understand the ways your business reputation is fostered or attacked online – and to know what to do about it. (Item #5) Use these tools to help you manage your online reputation. (Item #6)

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