Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Crisis Communication

Crisis communication, a critical piece of crisis management, is an area often neglected when developing a business continuity plan. When you are writing your plan, make sure you have covered all the possible aspects of this area, everything from how to communicate with your employees to what to say to the media, who's going to do the talking, and getting control of the message. This week's articles can help you fill out the missing parts of the crisis communication plan.

Don't forget the importance of social media in crisis communication. (Item #1) These lessons from a communications specialist shed light on some things to consider. (Item #2) You have to practice your crisis communications plan just as you would a fire drill. (Item #3)

Are you really prepared to communicate in a crisis? (Item #4)  How does risk communication fit into the war on terror? (Item #5) When Kony 2012 burst on the scene, it was quite a crisis communications challenge; the organization behind the video offers lessons in this article. (Item #6)

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