Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Testing, Training & Exercising

What would you say if someone called and asked if you had tested your business continuity plan yet? If you wouldn’t be able to say “yes,” you should be starting right now to figure out how to exercise your plan. Remember, as this week’s quote implies, your plan could fail if it is not tested (and you don’t want it used for the first time in a real disaster). You have to be sure everyone knows what to do and how to do it and is able to get that experience without being under fire.

These tips, lessons and recommendations can help you develop and facilitate BC exercises. (Item #1) Exercises should be done on a regular schedule to ensure it works and to learn from what doesn't work. (Item #2) Testing & exercising can help train employees so they are competent in their roles if a disaster occurs. (Item #3)

Here are some testing tips and a suggested schedule for exercising the plan. (Item #4) This article covers the entire testing process, from setting goals to completing the post-test report. (Item #5) FEMA offers help on how to design an exercise that provides the greatest value in the most cost-effective way. (Item #6)

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