Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Facility Management

Facilities managers, who usually are responsible for the everyday operations, maintenance and security of the buildings and staff of the company, are tasked with monumental responsibility. Often, this responsibility is added to the other responsibilities of the manager. Whether you have a full or part-time facility manager, this issue can provide him or her with some good ideas and tips.

By involving facility management in the BC planning process, BC professionals can strengthen their programs. (Item #1) Here is the inside scoop on how property professionals have prepared—and learned from—some of the biggest events. (Item#2) Facilities can be the department that identifies and prepares organizations for potential disasters. (Item #3)

Do you know the potential hazards in your facility? (Item #4) The ECT system can help you implement a risk management system. (Item #5) This preparedness planning guide is directed to facility managers and administrators. (Item #6)

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