Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Meetings and Events

If you have never had a crisis or disruption of a meeting or event, you are obviously very lucky. It happens to everyone – the booth gets to the trade show, but the equipments held up in customs; a blizzard makes it impossible for your speaker to get to the fundraiser; a fire guts the hotel where you are (supposed to be) hosting your conference. Well, all we have to say is: Do not panic! Just remember the five P's -- Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance – and get going on your contingency plans; they will save you.

Good planners need to respond quickly to crises, without losing their cool. (Item #1) What's the probability that a natural disaster will impact your meeting? Planners who have come through a crisis with their meetings and organizations intact have a message for their peers: It can happen to you. (Item #2) You can purchase insurance to finance some aspects of event risk, but damage to your reputation can put you in arrears for years or seal your doors forevermore. (Item #3)

Your investment in planning will help you manage even the largest, long-term incident. (Item #4) Being ethical is just a matter of following a policy. (Item #5) If you’re thinking of undertaking a joint meeting, here is some advice. (Item #6)

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