Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Ups and Downs of the Office Holiday Party

While some companies no longer hold office holiday parties, a large number still cling to this tradition as a way of showing appreciation for employees. If you’re having such a party, you may wish to read some of this week’s articles to help avoid legal and other problems. No one wants to start the new year with a lawsuit that could prove financially disastrous. If you’re thinking of dropping the party this year, check item #6 for an alternative idea.

There are certain steps that a company can take to limit liability resulting from holiday parties. (Item #1) A lawyer offers tips to help you avoid holiday lawsuits. (Item #2) Employers may want to consider these court decisions as they begin planning their own holiday parties. (Item #3)

Employer-sponsored parties present certain risks when alcohol is served. (Item #4) You never know when one person's trip to the mistletoe might mean another person's trip to a lawyer. (Item #5) How about a gift instead of a party… one that won’t be taxed and meets IRS guidelines? (Item #6)

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