Thursday, December 5, 2013

Winter Weather

As the weather forecasters say, meteorological winter is upon us although actual winter isn’t for a couple of weeks yet. We’ve already seen big storms in some parts of the country, so it makes sense to be sure your organization is prepared for the worst. This week’s articles have good advice for maintaining your operations throughout this difficult season.

Taking these steps will help you prepare your business for winter. (Item #1) Building in accessible? Here’s some help on what to do. (Item #2) Here’s comprehensive advice to businesses on preparing for severe weather. (Item #3)

Advance preparation can help to mitigate winter weather impacts on your operations and business continuity. (Item #4) Although directed at hedge funds, this article has good advice on maintaining communication and remote access during storms. (Item #5) Make sure your home and family are safe as well. (Item #6)

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