Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Shelter in Place

In some emergency situations, the safest thing to do is to remain indoors in a protected area. While we often hear of building evacuations, sometimes leaving the building could be more dangerous than staying inside. In many such situations, local officials may even mandate shelter in place as a course of action. Regardless of why the decision to shelter in place is made, it’s important to have a plan for this action. This week’s articles can help you develop your own shelter-in-place plan or perhaps beef yours up if necessary.

OSHA offers specific procedures for shelter-in-place at a worksite. (Item #1) Here’s a sample shelter-in-place plan that you can use as a model for yours. (Item #2)  Here's what landlords need to know in order to comply with a shelter-in-place order.  (Item #3)

Shelter-in-place situations occur more often than you might think... check this list. (Item #4) Breaking down a BCP into 10 key steps can help facility professionals develop a plan that will best prepare their organizations to resume normal operations as quickly as possible after disaster strikes.  (Item #5) Emergency Evacuation Planning is something quite specific and should not be mistaken for the more general subject of emergency planning. (Item #6)

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