Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ebola & Business Continuity

As most of our readers know, this is the time when we usually publish our Halloween edition. The current Ebola epidemic, however, is scaring many people and we thought instead it might help to shed some light on this issue and let you know some things you should be considering during this or any health crisis. It is likely an epidemic will not occur in the U.S., but we should know what to do if even a small outbreak happens.

Take some time to review and reflect about the current situation and determine what steps your firm can take to prepare your organization and employees for the potential threats that are growing and spreading around the world. (Item #1)   What should business continuity professionals be doing about Ebola now? (Item #2)   It is time to dust off your pandemic preparedness and response plan in order to prepare your organization for the impact on business operations due to an outbreak of the Ebola virus. (Item #3)

Some experts recommend doing a business impact analysis to ascertain the possible consequences of a disruption due to an Ebola outbreak. (Item #4)   Ebola may never reach endemic levels in your area, but recognizing the signs, having a strong plan in place, and being health conscious will offer you greater success in the event that it or any other infectious disease heads your way. (Item #5)   Here is a guide for the best sources of information about Ebola or any medical crisis. (Item #6)

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