Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cyber Security

Just when we thought we'd seen it all, SONY was hacked and forced to withdraw a movie from distribution. This week, Anthem announced its data had been compromised, affecting thousands. What would the impact on your business be if you were the victim of some sort of cyber crime? All organizations, no matter how small, are potential targets for cyber criminals and the results can be devastating to your reputation and your bottom line. As you scan the articles below, consider whether you have done everything possible to protect your organization and what you may still have left to do in this area.

What's on the cyber security front this year? (Item #1)   Cyber security incidents can have business continuity implications and impacts that extend far beyond IT. (Item #2)   Cyber Law arises because there's always the potential for legal problems, and lawmakers struggle to keep up with the fast and furious pace of today's technology. (Item #3)

Small businesses generally have fewer resources available to monitor and combat cyber threats, making them easy targets for expert criminals. (Item #4)   Data security is crucial for all small businesses; this FCC guide can help. (Item #5)   This article is mainly about cybercrime deterrence, not cybercrime prevention. (Item #6)

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