Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Workplace Violence

April is Workplace Violence Awareness Month, sponsored by the Alliance Against Workplace Violence. It is, therefore, a good time to revisit this topic and perhaps to rethink the policies you have in place for recognizing, preventing and dealing with workplace violence. How can violence in the workplace impact your business? What is its effect on productivity and your bottom line? The articles below can provide some food for discussions with your business continuity team.

This Workplace Violence website provides information on the extent of violence in the workplace, assessing the hazards in different settings and developing workplace violence prevention plans for individual worksites.  (Item #1)   Companies that recognize the potential for workplace violence are in the best position to prevent it.  (Item #2)   This brief video offers seven tips on how to prevent violence in the workplace. (Item #3)

It is crucial that domestic abuse be seen as a serious, recognizable, and preventable problem like thousands of other workplace health and safety issues that affect a business and its bottom line. (Item #4)   In today’s society no company is immune from the threat of workplace violence; prudent, proactive measures can reduce the likelihood of a tragedy and reduce the risk to your business. (Item #5)   Incidents of violence in the workplace highlight the need for business owners to take precautions and proactive measures to protect employees and coworkers and reduce the likelihood of an incident of violent crime. (Item #6)

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