Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Testing and Training

Most of us make a resolution every year to exercise more, buy a membership in a gym, then get too busy to follow through. But don't let this be your approach to exercising your business continuity plans, because the future of your organization – not to mention the safety of your employees - could rest on those exercises getting done regularly. When's the last time you tested your plan? It's been a while? Well, read on and start planning your next exercise.

The key is to incorporate exercising as part of the overall business continuity management process. (Item #1)   If we told you that you could write a business continuity exercise for every plan and every team in your organization in the next three minutes, would you believe us? (Item #2)   The why-bother-to-exercise attitude is based on three assumptions that, to quote the old song, "ain't necessarily so." (Item #3)

Practice makes perfect - so put your BC/DR plans to the test. (Item #4)   If you use any of these 19 tips for your BCP exercise, the benefits of the exercise could increase. (Item #5)   There are several key benefits that your crisis management team (CMT) and your organization will realize by investing the time to practice what to do in the event of a disaster. (Item #6)

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