Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Employee Issues

Your employees, which are a critical resource, also can become a source of difficult problems if you're not careful. What they say and do online, how well they protect their passwords, and how they act with other employees can cause you trouble when you least expect it. So how do you handle these potential difficulties? If you haven't addressed these issues in your plan, check out this week's articles, which can help you develop or refine policies to prevent future problems.

Should employers monitor employees online? (Item #1)   Your business could be liable if employees misuse the Internet. (Item #2)   There is a vast difference between asking for employees to exercise good judgment and hovering over their Tweets like Big Brother. (Item #3)

Employees will never have good password hygiene if a company doesn't make it easier for them by providing better tools. (Item #4)   Here's how IT (working with HR) can help ensure the company's data doesn't walk out the front door. (Item #5)   If you don't deal the problem of difficult employees, it will only get worse. (Item #6)

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