Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Safety and Security in Emergency Situations

Most of us expect our workplaces to be safe and secure, and most of them are. There are some circumstances, however, when unexpected events may not have been sufficiently planned for. Our safety and security is the responsibility of the employer, but all employees also have some responsibility for their own and their co-workers’ safety. This week’s articles discuss a number of issues for which you might need additional planning.

Here’s what to do if an active shooter enters your workplace. (Item #1)   When large crowds gather outside your work environment, individuals inside may be at risk if the event spirals out of control. (Item #2)   Here's what to do before and during a bomb threat. (Item #3)

Do you have a plan for when the power goes out unexpectedly? You should. (Item #4)   The key to a safe workplace is having effective safety and security policies in place and to communicate these policies to all employees. (Item #5)   It’s not necessarily the crisis, but how an organization responds that people will remember. (Item #6) 

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