Thursday, July 21, 2016

Workplace Violence

Various types of workplace violence, including active shooters, have been on the rise in recent years and many end in fatalities. What have you done to prevent acts of workplace violence in your organization? Do you identify risks for violence on a regular basis? Do you have a policy for employees to report concerns about specific employees? Once you read this week's articles, you might want to look again at what you're doing and see where you might improve.

According to the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, nearly 2 million workers count themselves as victims of workplace violence each year, with 403 Americans murdered at work in 2014 alone. (Item #1)   Employers can take steps to reduce the risk of violence and educate workers. (Item #2)   employers need to be extra-sensitive in handling certain employment decisions (like announcing layoffs, wage reductions or making changes to health care coverage) during an economic downturn. (Item #3)

An increase in workplace violence requires a proactive approach to reduce the risk. (Item #4)   Last year's shooting of two journalists by a former co-worker on live TV in Virginia is a stark reminder that a worker may become violent. (Item #5)   Workplace Violence Specialists will advise you that there are important steps organizations can take to improve their ability to predict workplace violence, but, in the end, you are faced with mitigating as many of the risks that you can identify and hoping you have done enough. (Item #6)

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