Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Recovering from a Data Breach

Many experts believe that you don’t always know that your data has been breached and only learn about it after the fact, often from a third party. When you do find out about a breach, do you know what to do to recover from it? This week’s articles provide some insights on the steps to take to save your reputation.

Legal and technology experts shared their insights on how to best recover from a small business data breach. (Item #1)   What should you do if your business experiences a data breach? (Item #2)   are some ways to deal with the different aspects of a data breach and how a company can recover.  (Item #3)

Security experts share the steps that CIOs and CISOs should take in the hours and days after a breach. (Item #4)   You already know a data breach is bad news for everyone, consumers and the breached business alike, but you might be shocked to learn just how severe the reputational impact can be for businesses. (Item #5)   The hours, days, weeks and even months after your organization has been the target of a data breach can feel like the company’s darkest time. (Item #6)

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