Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Winter Weather

Whether you're in the northeast, the midwest or the south, winter weather of one kind or another can disable your business, costing you money and lost productivity. Planning now will help you weather the storms of winter that we know are just ahead (some places already have experienced heavy snow and ice). This week's articles will show you how planning helped last winter and some of the things to think about for the upcoming winter.

Public and private sector players had detailed plans in place, optimized from lessons learned in past storms which helped to minimize the disruption to the more than 50 million people in Winter Storm Jonas' path. (Item #1)   Now is the ideal time to create a weather contingency plan to prevent next year's weather from affecting your bottom line. (Item #2)   Severe winter storms serve as an important reminder for businesses to evaluate how they can achieve business continuity when extreme winter weather renders their primary facilities inaccessible. (Item #3)

Even if your office building is open during winter storms, can your employees get there? (Item #4)   If telecommuting is part of your winter weather preparedness plan, make sure you have a program in place and employees know what is expected of them. (Item #5)   Make sure all of your building's systems are ready and able to handle winter weather. (Item #6)

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