Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Crisis Management

Do you know what you would do when/if faced with a crisis that could impact your reputation and your bottom line? If you answered no, then we urge you to hurry up and develop a crisis management plan. Item #3 this week talks about one company's successful handling of a crisis, while other articles look at who didn't handle things well. We can learn from both situations and improve our own plans.

How ready are you for your next unscheduled controversy? (Item #1)   Immediate and full disclosure is the proven method to successfully defuse crises and resolve them favorably. (Item #2)   Why do some organizations come out of a crisis with an enhanced reputation while others may not even survive as a business? (Item #3)

A recent study suggests that improving crisis messaging could have to do with social media and how your reputation is determined online. (Item #4)   Wells Fargo's recent crisis offers a picture of how not to handle a crisis. (Item #5)   Here are seven crisis management lessons from the Wells Fargo Scandal. (Item #6)

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