Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Workplace Violence

July 19, 2017 - If you follow the news, it's clear that violence in the workplace is becoming all too frequent. It arises from many causes and threatens employers and employees alike. This week's articles provide helpful information on workplace violence, its causes, and ways to mitigate it. Read on and think about how you can decrease the likelihood in your workplace.

This article about workplace violence answers these questions for the health and safety of your employees. (Item #1)   Here is our perspective on the five top trends we see impacting a growing focus in the United States – in both the public and private sectors - in this vital area. (Item #2)   Although 89 percent of the companies in this survey reported using evaluation activities to measure workplace violence program effectiveness, smaller companies used these tactics less often. (Item #3)

The leading cause of death for women at work is homicide, and 33 percent of women killed at work are killed by a current or former intimate partner; what's an employer to do? (Item #4)   No company is immune to workplace violence; here are some strategies to reduce it. (Item #5)   To reduce incidents of workplace violence, experts recommend employers conduct vulnerability assessments and training that will assist employees in identifying questionable behaviors. (Item #6)

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