Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Flu and Business Continuity

November 15, 2017 - Flu season is creeping up on us and that means employees home sick or slowed down at the office by flu symptoms. There does not seem to be any flu pandemic on the near horizon, so at least we don’t have that to worry about this year, but experts seem to think that a pandemic is coming (It is about 100 years since the Spanish flu epidemic killed millions worldwide). We need to ensure that we have plans in place to help prevent the spread of flu in the workplace. But we also need to be thinking long-term and look at how we should update our business continuity plans to help us deal with whatever is ahead.

Experts say the “big one” is coming. (Item #1)  The building is fine but most of your employees are out sick; do you have a plan for this? (Item #2)  What happens if we have a bad flu season and employers find themselves struggling to maintain business as usual? (Item #3)

While there is no specific flu pandemic threatening at the moment, a serious outbreak of even run-of-the-mill winter flu can threaten your business. (Item #4)  Here are five ways to prevent the flu from spreading at your office. (Item #5)  No matter what your role, you can pitch in to keep the flu on permanent vacation this season. (Item #6)

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