Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Social Media

April 11, 2018 - If you are using social media as a tool, your organization can benefit (or suffer) in many ways. Using it ineffectively can cause problems that might negatively impact your bottom line. Using it well to gain new customers can have the opposite effect. This week's articles highlight some of the effective ways to use this range of tools.

The author shares his thoughts on how to deal with a crisis in the public (Twitter)sphere. (Item #1)  Social media is better used as a customer service and brand-equity platform than a revenue generator. (Item #2)  Delivering exceptional customer service on social media means understanding (and focusing on) three fundamental areas. (Item #3)

Social media can help organizations share their stories and connect with their target audience--candidates, new hires, and current employees. (Item #4)  How does your nonprofit board support your social media efforts to engage with your members? (Item #5)  These are the essential elements of a solid social media employee advocacy training program. (Item #6)

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