Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Safety and Security in Workplace Emergencies

June 20, 2018 - Many of us don't really believe that our organization will experience an emergency. If you're one of those folks, you need to put a greater priority on safety and security in the workplace because work emergencies have become more and more common in recent years. There is a lot of helpful information available on how to improve your safety and security quotient... we offer some in these articles.
The best way is to prepare to respond to an emergency before it happens; OSHA offers advice on how to plan for everyone's safety. (Item #1)  This article discusses how to identify an emergency situation in the workplace. (Item #2)  The key to a safe workplace is having effective safety and security policies in place and to communicate these policies to all employees. (Item #3)

Workplace emergencies require an immediate, coordinated response from many individuals in an organization who may have little information about the crisis. (Item #4)  This blog examines how to respond to nine of the most common types of workplace emergencies. (Item #5)  Here are a few specific trends that have become apparent in recent years, all of which are pressuring companies to focus more on safety and security. (Item #6)

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