Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Recovering from a Data Breach or other Cyber Attack

September 19, 2018 - Statistically speaking, as you read this, you could become the victim of a data breach or cyber attack. We hope that is not the case. But, given the prevalence of such attacks, you should certainly have a plan of how to deal with one should an attack happen. If you have been hacked, you might want to read Item #6. If not, this week’s other articles could be helpful to you.

This plan for recovering from a data breach will vary from business to business, but it should always contain these four essential steps. (Item #1)   Data security experts answer the question "What's the most important next step you should take following a data breach?" (Item #2)   Once a breach has been discovered, the organization should take these immediate steps to limit the impact of the breach. (Item #3)

Hidden costs of data breaches may include cybersecurity insurance premium increases, lost contract revenue, loss of intellectual property, lost customers, business disruption, devaluation of trade name, and increased cost to raise debt. (Item #4)   This article explores four major points on how to recoup your security procedures so that they're stronger than ever before --- even if you haven't suffered the embarrassment of a breach. (Item #5)   Here are the missteps executives make time and again after a data breach and advice for avoiding these pitfalls. (Item #6)

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