Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Communication and Business Continuity

January 23, 2019 - Communication -- internal, external, crisis, and just plain every day -- is a key component of every successful organization. We all have stakeholders with whom we need to communicate on a regular (even daily) basis but we often don't have plans that enable us to implement effective communication when we need it. This week we look at some of the components of effective communication and the impact communication has on the continuity of operations.

Communication planning is an intricate part of preparedness and any continuity process. (Item #1)   Given its important role, crisis communication must be part of an effective business continuity plan, and not come as an improvised afterthought. (Item #2)   At the center of a business continuity plan for instances such as last year's Strand gas leak is the challenge of communication. (Item #3)

Communicating during a crisis is one of the most important elements of a workplace disaster. (Item #4)   Effective customer communication during a crisis really comes down to organization and collaboration.  (Item #5)   Despite having more channels, more ways to reach out to each other and more content, communication is breaking down in organizations. (Item #6)

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