Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Employee Issues

Hiring, managing and firing employees all can be fraught with potential problems that can endanger your business or organization. Poor hiring practices result in about 30 percent of business failures, while, on average, about 50 percent of all new hires fail. Failure to handle employee conflict is another trouble area, and mishandling employee fires has resulted in everything from cyber attacks to shootings. This week's articles may help you avoid some of these problems.

Do you know the best way to fire someone? (Item #1) Don't let workplace conflict erupt into potential business disruptions. (Item #2) For your organization's sake, you cannot afford to ignore or mishandle employee problems. (Item #3)

Your telecommuting employees present special challenges. (Item #4) Whistleblowers can be important to your organization. (Item #5) The importance of employee background checks should not be underestimated. (Item #6)


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