Thursday, February 18, 2010

Business Continuity Planning

A business continuity plan won’t protect an organization against all reasons for failure, but it can prepare and protect you against a great many such reasons. Insurance doesn’t protect against everything, either, and you may never have to make a claim. Would you consider running your business without insurance? Probably not. Nor should you fail to have a business continuity plan at the ready – just in case. This week’s articles can help you rethink your business continuity strategies.

This article focuses on three of the most widespread and persistent of myths about the nature of crises. (Item #1) For top management to dedicate funds and resources to contingency planning, more than a demonstrable need must be shown. (Item #2) Are we in danger of forgetting the most important aspect of recovery? (Item #3)

Here’s advice for those faced with developing their first business continuity plan. (Item #4) To avoid becoming a casualty of succession statistics, senior management must come to grips with passing on the assets and management control from one generation to the next. (Item #5) Recessions amplify risks; the absence of a tested plan is much more dangerous in a recession. (Item #6)

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