Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cyber Serurity Issues

Does it sometimes seem that everything we do today relies on computers and the Internet? Our most important business and personal information, stored on computers, are constantly at risk from cyber attacks. In order to protect yourself and your organization, you have to know what the risks are and what to do about them. This week’s articles can help you defend against such attacks.

You buy insurance, put locks on the doors, and install fire alarms to protect your premises; have you made cyber security the same priority? (Item #1) Here’s a one-stop source for lots of valuable information on cyber crime. (Item #2) A single hacker can cause damage to a large number of computer networks; it can help to improve your cyber security. (Item #3)

Social networks allow phishing schemes to spread rapidly. (Item #4) Cyber-warfare and cyber-attacks have now become a reality; are you ready? (Item #5) Would you know if there was spyware on your computers? (Item #6)

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