Tuesday, May 25, 2010

June is National Safety Month

The National Safety Council (NSC) has designated June as National Safety Month and encourages businesses to get involved and participate in safety activities. The goal is to bring attention to critical safety issues that can affect your employees – and their families -- on or off the job. Workplace Safety Week is June 4-10. You can visit the NSC site at http://www.nsc.org/nsc_events/Nat_Safe_Month/Pages/home.aspx for information and activities. Also, the articles below provide additional information on some important safety topics.

Workplace injuries are costing businesses plenty in dollars and related productivity costs. (Item #1) Small businesses have safety concerns that may differ from larger employers. (Item #2) Reducing stress can help improve physical and emotional health. (Item #3)

Information in the workplace can help prevent home-related injuries. (Item #4) Here are some ways you can participate in National Safety Month. (Item #5) NSC provides some good explanations about why using even hands-free cell phones while driving is risky. (Item #6)

The entire issue is available at http://www.attainium.net/newsbriefs

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