Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hurricanes/Summer Weather

Summer is not far away – meteorological summer begins June 1 – and neither are the dangers of summer: hurricanes, floods, storm surge, lightning, high temperatures, humidity, water accidents. NOAA expects an active to extremely active hurricane season, and some areas of the country will experience extreme high temperatures and drought. All of these situations can threaten your business and your employees. Make sure you’re prepared to prevent as many disasters as possible and to recover in the event disaster strikes. The articles below offer some help in keeping your business operating.

Here are some tips to help you protect against hurricanes. (Item #1) This flood preparation guide can help you start or finish your plan and enhance your preparations. (Item #2) You can help yourself and others avoid experiencing heat disorders by following these safety rules. (Item #3)

Power failures, often the result of stormy weather, can mean data loss – and more. (Item #4) Lightning is a killer. (Item #5) If the worst does happen, this brochure can help you in your efforts to get back to normal. (Item #6)

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