Friday, June 25, 2010

Phishing and Identity Theft

More than 10 million Americans are victims of identity theft a year. A recent survey estimates that the dollar value of the crime was $52.6 billion in 2004. Individuals and businesses alike are at risk. This week’s articles can help you make your family and your business more secure against phishing and identity theft.

What does a phishing email look like? (Item #1) The stories keep coming about the growing number of large-scale security breaches. (Item #2) Identity theft has severe consequences to victims, their families, and employers. (Item #3)

Just a fisherman would use a spear to target a single fish, spear phishing targets individuals. (Item #4) The IRS urges consumers to avoid falling for these recent schemes. (Item #5) This report is intended for technically sophisticated readers such as security practitioners, executives, researchers, and others who wish to understand methods employed by online identity thieves and countermeasures that can prevent such crimes. (Item #6)

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