Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Building Security and Survivability

In addition to your employees and tenants, servers and software, your procedures and processes, you have to be concerned with the security and survival of your facility as much as possible, because your facility encases everything that’s important to the continuity of your operations. Take a look through this week’s articles for some tips on how to improve your building security and survivability.

Have you done what you can do at all of your facilities to improve your chances for uninterrupted operations? (Item #1) An audit is conducted to evaluate compliance with specific, measurable criteria. (Item #2) Is Your Company Prepared Should a Disaster Strike? Will You Be Action or Reaction Oriented? (Item #3)

Traditional evacuation plans developed to meet the threat of fire are no longer sufficient in work environments where there is a threat, however small, of a terrorist attack. (Item #4) Inside every office building, factory, warehouse or other work area, someone is in charge of managing the environment where you work and ensuring that the building is safe.(Item #5) An access control security system allows building management professionals to do more than just control admission to restricted areas. (Item #6)

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