Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Do we need to re-think Terrorism?

Last week’s attempt by terrorists to get explosives into the US has made us all stop and think about how real the terror threat still is. Because it’s become more difficult to attack large prominent locations, terrorists are beginning to focus on smaller facilities. If you’re wondering how to make your organization safer, this week’s articles can help.

Terrorism preparedness requires two actions: taking steps to harden a specific facility from a terrorist act, and taking steps to mitigate an act should it occur. (Item #1) This article contains good guidance for risk assessment and creating business continuity plans that will lessen the impact of events that threaten a business or organization. (Item #2) Planning for the aftermath of terrorist incidents is very similar to planning for other disruptions... you have to consider consequences and resources. (Item #3)

Terrorism experts agree that an attack is likely to succeed because of complacency; look over these tips from a security consultant. (Item #4) Taking these steps can help you be better prepared to face terrorist threats. (Item #5) If your building has suffered damage from a terrorist action, here’s how to help employees believe it’s safe again. (Item #6)

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