Friday, November 12, 2010

Holiday Issues

Holidays give employers an opportunity to provide time off from work and employees get to spend extra time with family and friends. Holidays also present challenges for both employers and employees:  which holidays to observe, how or if to pay for holiday leave, accommodating diversity and religious beliefs and practices, whether or how much bonus or gifts to give to employees, serving alcoholic beverages at company parties, and handling the holiday blues or depression that some employees experience. This week’s articles may help you with these issues.

Your business continuity could be compromised during the holidays, if you don’t make sure your plan can be implemented with people off on holiday breaks. (Item #1) Here’s a look at the legal issues and some cases addressing employer liability for alcohol-related incidents. (Item #2) If you’ve got questions, the expert has answers. (Item #3)

If you’re concerned about holiday party risks, here are some alternatives to the annual event. (Item #4) Here are some tips on how to avoid sexual harassment claims as a result of the holiday party. (Item #5) If your workplace is diverse, you should appreciate the help in this article. (Item #6)

As always, we look forward to hearing about your concerns with regard to business continuity. If you have a topic you’d like to see covered, please email me.

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