Wednesday, February 2, 2011

BCP Testing and Training

We can't say it often enough... don't let your first disaster become the test for your business continuity plan! If you want to be sure the plan will work and everyone understands what they have to do, you must test your entire plan at least once a year and perhaps test different parts of it more often. This week's articles all discuss the importance of testing and training and provide some help in setting up your own tests.

Training doesn't have to be complicated to work well. (Item #1) How can you communicate the value of BC training? (Item #2) Financial institutions have some requirements for validating their plans. (Item #3)

Don't waste the resources you put into your plan… make sure everyone knows it's there and how to use it. (Item #4) Here are some keys to moving beyond the concept stage. (Item #5) Read about some of the issues in testing and see how some organizations got it wrong. (Item #6)

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