Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Meeting and Event Continuity

If you agree with the principal that “anything that can go wrong, will,” you’ll understand why a contingency plan is so important to your meeting and event. The articles below can help you put one together or check to see that yours covers all it should.

You must have an emergency plan to ensure attendee safety and business continuity in a world where the occurrence of the unexpected is increasingly likely. (Item #1) The most important thing you can do for any event is to have a contingency plan. (Item #2) It is critical that an event contingency plan include a system for implementing the plan, including making sure that those it protects know of its existence and what it provides. (Item #3)

You do have to consider the problems individuals can cause at an event. (Item #4) If you can answer these questions your venue may put to you, you probably have a contingency plan. (Item #5) Video and virtual meetings can be the answer to meeting disruptions. (Item #6)

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