Wednesday, March 16, 2011

BCP Testing and Exercising

We keep saying it – you can’t count on your plan until you test it – and we will keep saying it because it couldn’t be truer. It only takes one wrong number, one missing link, and your plan may not work. So, take heed from this week’s articles and make sure you plan to test as soon as possible.

The trends in testing and exercising may give you some new ideas on testing your plan. (Item #1) The only way to ensure that your continuity plan will work is to test it with regular exercises and then to update the plans in the light of experience. (Item #2) Do you test your data backups? You should. (Item #3)

Setting up the exercise the right way can ensure that everyone benefits from it. (Item #4) Testing your plan is critical to its success. (Item #5) Don’t forget how important it is to train senior staff and others so they will know their jobs. (Item #6)

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