Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reputation Management

Every organization is aware that its good reputation is priceless, but some companies aren't aware that their online reputation is just as critical. The Internet has provided a new battleground on which reputation battles must be fought. If you haven't done so, Google your organization's name and see what comes up. You may find some negatives along with the positives; if you do, this week's articles may be helpful in getting rid of them. The articles also can help you prevent negatives in the first place.

The public relations approach of "putting lipstick on the pig" is known as Reputation Management. (Item #1) Reputation management, in short, is two jobs: trying to be more loved and trying to be less hated. (Item #2) Your reputation in the search engines is becoming increasingly more important, and social media can help you maintain a good online reputation. (Item #3)

Welcome to the dark and sometimes ugly world of online reputation management. (Item #4) Here are essential ORM strategies & tactics that can save your assets. (Item #5) A new industry promises to help counter negative search results on the Web. (Item #6)

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