Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Employee Issues

There are two areas employers must be aware of with regard to employees: how to keep them safe and how to prevent disruptions caused – accidentally or on purpose – by employees. Some experts cite statistics that show that 80% of business disruptions are caused by employees – perhaps maliciously by mailing a customer list to a competitor, but also carelessly by leaving confidential information where it can be seen by anyone. This week's articles can help you with training so employees know how their actions impact the organization, as well as what you can do to ensure their safety.

While most businesses have continuity plans in place, many don't address a company's most precious assets: its employees. (Item #1) It is very common for managers to be concerned about how they will be able to effectively manage offsite employees. (Item #2) A number of concerns motivate employers to monitor employees surfing the Web at work. (Item #3)

You can lower the risk of litigation with a commitment to strategic e-mail management, combining written policies, employee education and technology tools. (Item #4) Even though employers have a policy against sexual harassment, they still can be held vicariously liable in cases where a supervisor uses sexual content to discriminate against an employee. (Item #5) There are pros and cons about the electronic surveillance of employees at work. (Item #6)

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