Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Testing and Training

It's not only critical that your crisis team is trained to use your business continuity plan, it's also important that all employees are aware of the plan and understand their roles and the roles of everyone else. It is this type of training that can help ensure that employees won't panic in a crisis and will be aware that steps are being taken to handle any situation that arises. You'll find help with this in the articles below.

Here are some steps in developing and implementing your test. (Item #1) Some say there is no better learning curve in crisis management than managing through an actual crisis. (Item #2) Use this template to build and execute your test. (Item #3)

All employees need to be trained so they fully understand that continuing the business after a disaster may not mean an immediate return to “business as usual.” (Item #4) In this article, you'll find help for building awareness of your plan among employees. (Item #5) All employees are critical to the success of your Business Continuity Program and need to receive the appropriate level of education and training. (Item #6)

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