Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Getting Management Buy-In

There's more than adequate evidence that business continuity planning is critical in today's world, but it's still difficult to convince some senior managers of that fact. Perhaps you can take the advice in some of this week's NewsBriefs articles to help you get the buy-in you need.

Despite major disasters like the tsunami in Japan, management isn't jumping to approve disaster recovery and business continuity. (Item #1) Many senior managers provide only less-than-full buy-in for BC plans. (Item #2) Use one of these five methods to gain management buy-in. (Item #3)

Sometimes the Board isn't listening; here are some tips on how to position BC to get the Board to hear you. (Item #4) Here are some tips on how to get buy-in for your IT governance strategy. (Item #5) These strategies for getting your idea approved might help you get the CEO on board. (Item #6)

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