Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Social Media and Business Continuity

Is your organization up to date on the most recent developments in enterprise social media? Have you observed how social media can aid an organization? Have you considered the possible drawbacks? Learn more about establishing and nurturing an enterprise social media and collaboration strategy in this week’s articles.

Is social media the ultimate BCM utility? (Item #1) Make sure to set up social media before a crisis hits. (Item #2) Emergency managers and business continuity planners agree that it’s smart practice to include social media in BCM and COOP programs. (Item #3)

Three common misperceptions have held back the use of social media in disaster response. (Item #4) It is critical that social media leaders determine the purpose of their initiatives before they deploy them. (Item #5) Social media has significantly changed how many companies communicate with their customers, employees and vendors. (Item #6)

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