Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Facility Safety and Continuity

We always say that you have to think of people first in any disaster or disruption, but we also need to remember that we have to protect the facility – our building, our offices. This week’s articles will provide food for thought as you consider if you’ve covered all you can do in this area.

Dealing with an incident within the first few hours may reduce the total time of the disruptive event by weeks. (Item #1) Facility management is often overlooked when it comes to business continuity planning, but this group is vital to your safety and recovery success. (Item #2) How do you protect your critical documents in a disaster? (Item #3)

Prudent professionals must ensure that their properties, employees, and guests are well protected and prepared for any contingency. (Item #4) Don’t be destroyed by an it-can’t-happen-here mentality. (Item #5) This generic planning guide for facilities can help you ensure that your plan addresses all the necessary concerns. (Item #6)

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