Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Flu and Business Continuity Concerns

With at least two states already declaring states of emergency due to flu, it's important that you do everything you can to prepare your organization and your employees. While no one is suggesting a pandemic at this point, the fact that the flu has hit so hard and so early means we need to take steps to help keep businesses open if things get worse. This week's articles should help you decide what you need to do... or, if you've a plan already, what else you need to do. Stay healthy!

Take a look at CNN's update on flu conditions across the country. (Item #1) Although we're dealing with a flu epidemic rather than pandemic, there are some good tips in this paper that make sense now. (Item #2) The SBA offers seven steps to take in this flu season. (Item #3)

Educate your employees about the flu… and how to avoid spreading it. (Item #4) Use resources provided by the CDC to help get through the flu season. (Item #5)   Learn how to avoid letting flu season interfere with your business.   (Item #6)

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