Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Payroll Continuity

Since payroll is a mission-critical activity, you have to ensure that there is no interruption in it even during a crisis or disaster. Is payroll continuity part of your business continuity plan? If not, it should be. This week's articles provide information on what to do and how. We want to thank Cori Friedrich of Citizens Equity First Credit Union for suggesting this topic.

SHRM takes a look at pay and benefit issues in a disaster. (Item #1) Payroll should be high on the list of preparedness and continuity planning for a small business owner. (Item #2) In a disaster, an employee's need to access their pay is greater than ever. (Item #3)

Issuing employee paychecks on time and accurately are two of the most important tasks a business must handle regularly; are you prepared to do so in a disaster? (Item #4) To pay employees, the company must back up its payroll software and data before disaster takes down the computer system or renders it inaccessible. (Item #5) Employees can't volunteer to work without pay; if the duties they perform benefit the company and are regularly performed by employees, the duties are work and require compensation. (Item #6)

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