Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Worst-case Disasters...

Each year around Halloween, we like to present worst-case disasters that challenge you to think out of the box and maybe even take a new look at your existing plans. This year, instead of looking at disasters of the past, we’re mostly looking at disasters that haven’t or probably won’t happen (except #4 & #6) and asking you to think about how you might handle them, as well as the ones that have already happened.

The CDC helps us figure out how to deal with a zombie pandemic. (Item #1) What do you do if a category 3 hurricane is headed for NYC? (Item #2) These several worst-case disasters of the future could prove challenging. (Item #3)

Food disasters? Really? (Item #4) Here’s advice on surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. (Item #5) Sinkholes have been in the news a lot this year; here’s one that’s ongoing. (Item #6)

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