Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Social Media and Business Continuity

Social media has become an essential tool in the lives of people everywhere. It is used in major and minor disasters, as a marketing tool, and in many other ways by businesses and individuals, and its use is growing every year. There are some pitfalls, however, when using this medium, including damage to your organizational reputation. This week we look at the state of social media in business continuity, making and avoiding social media mistakes, and some statistics on social media use that could have you rethinking your use of this tool.

Social media is a powerful tool that can produce desired results when harnessed properly within a strategic plan. (Item #1) If you’re serious about managing your company’s online reputation, then you need to avoid these mistakes. (Item #2) Here are some tips on how to avoid social media mistakes. (Item #3)

Social media crises can happen to the best of brands, but even they don’t always respond in the best manner. (Item #4) Know what the fastest-growing demographic on Twitter is? Or how many new members join LinkedIn every second? The answers will surprise you! (Item #5) Social media is increasingly being integrated into disaster response plans and activities. (Item #6)

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