Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Workplace Violence

The Alliance Against Workplace Violence (AAWPV) will commemorate the month of April, 2014, as Workplace Violence Awareness Month. This will be the third year that a national observance of workplace violence awareness is being held. The organization encourages employers to help raise awareness of violence in the workplace and to take steps to help prevent it from happening in your organization. This week’s articles should help you with that goal and also with creating your own plan for violence prevention.

This useful and practical guide from the FBI is aimed at helping businesses, small and large, and government in implementing a proactive workplace violence prevention strategy. (Item #1) The National Center for Victims of Crime has released new statistics on violence in the workplace. (Item #2) The key to preventing the escalation of workplace violence is to be alert and vigilant to any early signs of conflict. (Item #3)

Workplaces must stay vigilant by enforcing their own workplace human resources/security policies. (Item #4) While policies and raising awareness can't completely insulate any nonprofit from the risk of workplace violence, incorporating some of the recommendations in this article can help. (Item #5) If there has been violence in your workplace, mental health resources are a must. (Item #6)

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